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What you are about to read may sound
controversial but think about it.... makes perfect sense!

Every exercise fad on the market today without the aid of Diet has almost no effect in terms of promoting fat loss.

Almost every person who invests ONLY in aerobics, fitness classes, pilates, cycling, jogging, swimming, vibrating plates, sweat suits, saunas, toning tables etc., etc., etc. with the hope or promise of body fat loss is being completely misled, conned and ripped off!!

It is possible to gain fat doing any of these activities or lose fat depending upon food manipulation.

The people who indulge in these activities for the sole purpose of reducing their body fat will more often than not get no results whatsoever and eventually give up. This in turn reduces self-esteem and confidence which encourages the individual to comfort eat on the foods that made them overweight in the first place.

Top athletes and runners are not slim because they run, they are slim primarily because it is their job to be an athlete and eat the correct diet to suit there needs.

You would not buy a Ferrari and fill it with diesel. Top athletes fill up on the necessary fuels.

Being overweight and running will not get rid of the body fat!

......Is it sinking in yet?

Bodybuilders do just as the title suggests - they ‘build’ their bodies. Once they are ‘built’ to show off all of those muscles, they lose body fat with little or no change to the activity that built them up in the first place. In other words they exercise in the same manner but change weight purely through diet manipulation.

Exercise is not effective…diet manipulation in conjunction with a very specific physical training program is the key to effective fat loss

Thomson Diet Club can show you the way to a leaner, healthier you WITHOUT any pills or potions. The diet plan and exercise regime does take WILLPOWER but anything worth achieving does and with the unrivalled support you will receive… you CAN achieve your goals!

Thomson Diet Club

  • Have you been stuck at the same weight for so long that you don't think it's possible to lose weight?
  • Are you sick of being unhappy with your weight?
  • Are you tired of gaining weight back just as fast as you lost it?

Then welcome to Thomson Diet Clubs, a 1-2-1, results focused, easy to implement diet plan that gives you results.

Forget fad diets, forget trying to do it on your own – it seldom works. Like all successful people you need support, coaching, encouragement and empathy and this is where Thomson can make all the difference.

Thomson recognises that everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. Our trained team will work with you to create a balanced, effective and more importantly attainable diet for you to work to.

"No counting points, no fuss"

Points counting is crazy (even weight watchers the king of points counting has now introduced a non counting alternative) it doesn't fit easily into your life and you are constantly trying to balance content and quantity.

With Thomson Diet Clubs you eat freely from a list of foods including fruits and vegetables, lean meats and poultry, grains, eggs and dairy products. Eat three meals a day and snack on fruit and vegetables or have the occasional treat in controlled amounts.

The top five reasons to join Thomson Diet Club are:

  • Personalised meal planning
  • Your own personal 1-2-1 coach
  • On-going nutritional support and advice
  • Private sessions (no group judgments here!)
  • 1000’s of people are already losing huge amounts of weight

See reception for further details. Results are 100% Guaranteed!

Option 1

3 months Diet consultations – Weekly diet consultation

Available to non-members

Option 2

The 90 Day System
Weekly Diet consultation and weekly One to One private training session - specifically designed to suite client.
Choice of workouts including - Ladies only gym, mixed gym, Vibrostation and Kettlebell sessions.

Available to non-members

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